Gymnastics Classes

We offer on-site recreational gymnastics/tumbling classes various Houston area churches. During the school year, classes are once a week.  During the summer, we offer more weeklong options.

Typically, we use the gym or a larger room to set up the various apparatus stations.  Our classes are 30-35 minutes for 2 year olds, 40-45 minute for 3-5 year olds and 50-60 minutes for Kinders and up.

Gymnastics Apparatus: we offer floor tumbling, basic bars, vaulting and balance beam work. During a class, two to three stations of these events are taught with the overall primary emphasis on tumbling skills.

Tumbling Skills: We are able to teach progressions from animal crawls, basic forward and backward rolls, cartwheel, head stand, hand stand, round offs and on into the more intermediate skills such as walkovers, back hand spring, front handspring, flips, etc.

Attire: Because we offer recreational gymnastics coaching no special clothing or additional equipment is needed, yet leotards or uni-tards can be worn.

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